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Itinerari Guzzi

4 itineraries
1: In the footsteps of Carlo Guzzi (6 sites)
2: The factory (6 sites)
3: Moto Guzzi and Mandello (18 sites)
4: A "special out of town" on 3 variants

- routes: to do by motorcycle or on foot (the first 3)
- for who: for guzzisti and others


 Progetto una moto con criteri ritenuti da me migliori delle esistenti” 
“I will design a motorcycle with criteria I consider better than those already existing”  
(Carlo Guzzi)

These routes are illustrated in detail in the Italian-English guide "GUZZI itineraries". To discover less known places and facts of the GUZZI world (30 sites in total). The guide was presented for the first time at the Motoraduno in September 2013.
1: In the footsteps of Carlo Guzzi (6 sites)
A completely urban itinerary, which can be covered on foot, lasting 30-45 minutes, which shows the places where he lived and designed his motorcycle, as well as those where he is now remembered.
2: The Factory (6 sites)
An itinerary, partly inside the historical Moto Guzzi factory and partly walking along the old sheds, which allows to discover the development of the factory from 1921 to 1950.
Duration 90-120 minutes including the visit to the museum.
3: Moto Guzzi and Mandello (18 sites)
An itinerary that can be covered by motorcycle, a true continuation of the first two.
Duration 90-120 minutes. It takes up the contents of the book "Guzzi, 'idea che ha cambiato Mandello" (Guzzi, the idea that changed Mandello) and it shows how the factory changed the territory according to a model of enlightened entrepreneurship.
4: A "special out-of-town trip" with 3 variants
The main route is a motorcycle tour along the roads travelled by the test riders, between the lake and Valsassina, which allows you to enjoy the landscape (from views of the lake
to the woods and the Grigne). The other two variants, to be covered in part on foot, lead to the discovery of two aspects for many unknown: the hydroelectric power plants of Moto Guzzi and, for alpinists and climbers, the routes opened on the Grigne by the alpinists of the Guzzi family.